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€ 380

A mini version of a book that summarizes the over 50-years life span of the Daytona. As a matter of fact, the massive coffe table book is exactly reproduced in a miniature 36%-scaled edition that stands in the palm of one’s hand. This compact version of “Ultimate Rolex Daytona” Mini Edition was created wit the aim to offer the same photographic quality in a format that presents itself small as well as precious.

• 608 pages
• 2,000 original images
• 9 colour printing
• Italian and English languages
• 12,2 cm x 15,6 cm
• 3,7 kg case included
• Released in May 2012
• Hardcover in a slipcase

Photographs by Pino Abbrescia and Fabio Santinelli – Face 2 Face Studio
Texts by Paolo Gobbi, Cesare Maria Mannucci, Luciano Buscarini, Dody Giussani, Stefano Mazzariol
English version by Naomi Ornstein

Photography is basically the art or process of reproducing the images of objects. However, for Pino Abbrescia and Fabio Santinelli it is not just a matter of capturing and portraying an object. They communicate through photography. Their photographic artworks visually express the concept, the beauty and the true essence of still life.

Paolo Gobbi is a renowned journalist, photographer and globe-trotter from Rome, Italy. He spends the majority of his time traveling all over the world, to tour watch factories and report on the latest watch collections and high-end watch auctions. Currently a writer, contributing photographer and director of specialized magazines, he also works as an independent journalist for distinguished names in the Italian press.

Cesare Maria Mannucci, historic signature of motorsport journalism, authored the genesis of the 24 Hours Daytona; Luciano Buscarini; Editor in Chief of the watch magazine L’Orologio and micromechanics expert Dody Giussani, penned the chapter dedicated to the watch calibres; and lastly, the antiquarian and vintage watch expert Stefano Mazzariol curated Daytona’s chronology.