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Styles come and go but there is a watch that seems to be standing on the top of the wave since always. Actually, it is safe to say that the automatic Rolex Daytona models have increased dramatically in the past few years. Understanding the modern perpetually-wound 5 and 6 digit references is an art. In fact, both references saw a rich and often opulent variety of design options as well as dial materials – some of which will end up being highly collectible trophy pieces on the market. The “DAYTONA PERPETUAL” invites us to jump down the self-winding Daytona rabbit hole and discover the dynamic world of an iconic timepiece. The making of this project involved a meticulous research and selection of the objects, many of which travelled the world to reach Rome under the photographer’s lens; an attention for details so as to enhance the beauty and the peculiarities of each single watch.

• 292 pages
• 541 original photographs
• 6 colour print
• English language
• Released in February 2020
• 24,5 cm x 33 x 3,6 cm
• 3,7 kg case included
• Hardcover in a slipcase

Fabio Santinelli is a professional still life photographer since the Seventies. Fabio’s vision of photography is the result of long studies and experimentations based on plays of light and shadows, carried out during all those years of partnership with Pino Abbrescia. His ultimate goal as photographer is to enhance and reveal the essential nature of things, turning industrial products into artworks.

Paolo Gobbi is a renowned journalist, photographer and globe-trotter from Rome, Italy. He spends the majority of his time traveling all over the world, to tour watch factories and report on the latest watch collections and high-end watch auctions. Currently a writer, contributing photographer and director of specialized magazines, he also works as an independent journalist for distinguished names in the Italian press.

Naomi Ornstein, besides curating the English texts, has always covered the role of editorial coordinator of the Pucci Papaleo Editions. In the making of the books her key role is also to ensure a consistent basis of the many technical, historical and collecting information as well as the follow-up and sharing of each single data.

Ross Povey is the founder and owner of TudorCollector.com and is regarded as the world’s leading expert on vintage Tudor watches. His other horological passion is Perpetual Daytonas. Ross writes for and has contributed to some of the most influential, horological on-line platforms and publications, including; Revolution, Bulang & Sons, The Telegraph, The Rake, Watchonista, Hodinkee, QP and The Vintage Rolex Forum.