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Throughout the history of Rolex, the “crowned” watch manufacturer has constantly proven its skill in creating innovative watch designs still respecting its original iconic styles. “I Cronografi Rolex – La Leggenda” narrates the history of Rolex chronographs manufactured from the Thirties to the Nineties through a series of incredible images portraying innumerable important examples. Challenging yet gratifying indeed. In fact, hundreds of different models have been photographed and this required an amazing work of study and research that involved the greatest world collectors.

• 416 pages
• 1,000 original images
• 6 colour printing
• Italian language
• Released in December 2004
• 23 cm x 31 cm
• Hardcover in a slipcase
• 6 Kg

Paolo Gobbi is a renowned journalist, photographer and globe-trotter from Rome, Italy. He spends the majority of his time traveling all over the world, to tour watch factories and report on the latest watch collections and high-end watch auctions. Currently a writer, contributing photographer and director of specialized magazines, he also works as an independent journalist for distinguished names in the Italian press.

Filippo Vinardi is an architectural and still life photographer. He has partnered with worldwide artists, and has collaborated with art galleries, cultural institutes and embassies. His works have been published on both Italian as well as international specialized magazines.